Do you suspect you are pregnant? She may hold your hand or just talk to you to ease your tension. Primary amenorrhea is defined in one of the following three situations: absence of menarche at 16 years of age, absence of thelarche or adrenarche at 14 years of age, absence of menarche within three years from adrenarche or thelarche. What medical problems do other members of your family have? Generally, the uterine length ranges between 5 and 8 cm, the width is about 3. For women who experience missed periods, pain, or other reproductive problems, the doctor can look into why the problems are occurring and offer treatment. A Pap test is done during a pelvic exam.

When to see a GP

Why see a gynecologist?

This maneuver is painless and easily accepted by the child. Follow up of precocious pseudopuberty associated with isolated ovarian follicular cysts. However, these visual screening techniques are not as reliable as Pap tests 7. This is normal and lasts only a few seconds If you have these symptoms, it's much more likely you have something less serious, such as an infection.

Pap Tests | Choosing Wisely

Then the speculum will be gently removed from the vagina and this portion of the examination will be over. In developing areas with limited resources, other screening techniques are used, including visual inspections of the cervix with acetic acid vinegar or iodine staining 5,6. The uterine body is larger than the uterine cervix, the uterine length is approximately 3. The doctor will then insert the speculum into your vagina and click it into an open position. The best time for a BSE is just after your period, when your breasts are not swollen or tender
Teenagers with obstructive anomalies typically present primary amenorrhea and cyclic abdominal pain. To decide which one to use now, consider how well each method will work for you 8 : How well will it fit into your lifestyle? Before your examination a nurse may ask for urine and blood samples. Ultrasonographic measurement of ovarian volume in the diagnosis of central precocious puberty. In sexually active teenagers, the study may be complemented with the transvaginal approach. On the other hand, late in the puberty, the Doppler spectrum corresponds to a broader systolic wave with continuous Doppler signal at diastole and PI , 3: mean 2. Vulval examination: separation of labia majora by pulling the inferior part downward and laterally.

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